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lAKEOne of the main attractions for the tourists of Kodaikanal is the Kodai lake which is at a distance of 3kms from the bus stand. In 1863, Vera Levinge, a former District Collector of Madurai settled in Kodaikanal after his retirement. He was the man of resource and creative ideas for this lake. By spending his own money he converted the marshy land with several streams of lake by constructing a strong bund and brought boats from Tuticorin. It is reported that the foreign resident's even used to swim in the lake.
BRYANT PARKSThe practical utility of this park is, in every May a horticultural show is conducted by the department of Horticulture. On that occasion enormous vegetables and flowers from neighbouring villages compete for the prizes, which draws big crowd. They exhibit flowers, vegetables, fruits and other products. It serves as a practical centre for education on Ornamental Horticulture and as a demonstration centre. The various methods of training, pruning, budding, grafting, potting seed collection etc, are taught to the students of Horticulture as well as to the visitors.
CHETTIAR PARK The beautiful and well maintained park lies towards the north eastern side of the town, on the way to Kurinji Andavar temple. The amazing purple bloom of the Kurinji Flowers can be seen here once in every twelve years. It last bloomed in 2006. Chettiar park is managed by the township, and is 3.2 Km from the Bus Stand. Unlike other areas this park offers a quiet, pleasing ambience except for a stray bus of tourists that stop by. Those who love timepassing can prefer this park to unwind in a world of calm. It has decked floors for flowering plants, and lots of lush green lawns. Some of the famous movies in Tamil and Telugu have been shot here, notable among them are "Darling Darling Darling" by the off-screen couple Bhagyaraj & Poornima.
KURINJI ANDAVAR TEMPLE Kurinji andavar temple is well-known for its Kurinji flower which blooms merely once in every 12 years. The god here is called Sri Kurinji Easwaran, who is actually Lord Murugan. Kurinji Andavar Temple is devoted to Lord Muruga who is known to be the God of the Hills according to the Tamil literature. In Tamil, Kurinji means "hilly region" and the word Andavar relates to "God". Kurinji andavar temple is sited at about 5 km away from the Kodaikanal bus station. The widely expected summer festival is celebrated through the month of May every year by the locals. Thousands of devotees come to this temple during the summer festivity to seek the blessings of Lord Muruga.
PILLAR ROCKS Three granite boulders each vertically measuring a height of 400 feet stand shoulder to shoulder. It is located 8 Kms from the lake tower over the panoramic view. In the shadows of the pillars are shady woods that invite picnickers. The chamber between the two pillars is called Devil's kitchen.
Kukkal CavesTo reach Kukkal Caves which is at a distance of 40 kms, travel by bus upto Poombarai and then give a walk. It is preferable to take a local guide. After walking through geranium plantations, pine and wattle forest, the Kukkal forest rest house can be reached. The early morning hike from the rest house will lead to beautiful shola with wild large orchids. One should be beware of leeches. The caves here are actually overhanging slabs of rocks. This rock shelter is at an altitude of 1500 m.
PALANIThe Palani hills are at eastern offshoot of the Western ghats covering an area of 2400 Sq. Kms, and the town of Kodaikanal is centrally located. There are 2 main divisions of Palani - the Upper Palani (1800 - 2500 m)and the Lower Palani (800 - 1500 M). The Palani is the main watershed for the Vaigai (South) and Amaravathi (Cauvery) (North) Basins. The climate of the Palani varies with altitude from the typical climate of the Tamil Nad. The average rainfall in Palani is 1600 mm. The major contribution being from the North East monsoon though there is some rainfall during the South West monsoon period. The Palani is a source of unique genetic diversity as well as of water for the thirsty plains below.

FALLSSilver cascade - This water fall is located on the main ghat road, 8 kms away as one approaches Kodai from Kodai Road. Overflow of Kodai lake takes 180 ft leap over a steepcliff, to crash into a pool beside the ghat Road.

Bear Shola Falls - An ideal picnic spot 1.6 km from bus stand and within 2 Kms off the lake, where once bears came to drink water. Hence the name of the falls became Bear Shola falls. Cross the lake bund, pass the Telephone exchange on your right, and at the junction take the lower road there comes Clifton Hotel. The approach is rugged hill path. The falls are at the best in rainy season.

Pambar FallsPambar Falls - "Grand cascade" is another name for this magnificent falls. It can be reached by a steep, precipitous path behind Pambar house. Racing down Pambar Raivine is Zig-zagging leving stream that cascades over a series of rock formations. It is 4kms away from Kodaikanal.

Thalaiyar Falls - This is also called as Rat tail falls.The widest falls, ranging from 13th kilometer on the ghat road to kodai.It is one of the highest falls in India, with their 975ft sheer drop.

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